Local products

Local products

Cosmetic Provence Mormoiron (10km)
Aroma plants Sault (38km)
Vallon des Lavandes Distillery Sault (40km)
The Lavender Farm Sault (39km)
Lavender Champelle Sault (40km)


Soap - The Soap Factory Montbrun les Bains (17km)
Soap - Lace soap factory Beaumes de Venise (17km)
Soap - Soapery of the Sun Bédarrides (25km)

Pottery Cruzes Uzes (78km)
Pottery of the Madeleine Anduze (124km)
Ravel pottery (142km)

Heading for Flavors St Pierre de Vassols (5km)
Comtat mill Caromb (6km)
The Balméenne mill Beaumes de Venise (14km)
Domain of Pecoulette Courthézon (29km)
The 3 Souquets Séguret (30km)
Provence Oil Mill St Saturin Les Avignon (37km)
The Calanquet mill Saint Remy de Provence (62km)
Word Olive Bourg St Andéol (68km)

Les Malauques  Mazan strawberries and asparagus (9km)

Lavender honey Sault (32km)
The Apiary of the Alpilles Saint Remy de Provence (58km)
Pam Alpines Honey Barret de Lioure (58km)

Nougat André Boyer Sault en Provence (38km)
Nougat Tolleron Crestet (22km)
Nougat Chabert Guillot - Chaudron d'Or - DianeLe Gavial - Soubeyran Montélimar (78km)

Truffles Jaumard Monteux (16km)
Ayme Truffle Grignan (56km)


The provence region is known for its beautiful fields of purple lavender.
Most of these fields are around the Luberon and Verdon plateaus, north of Aix-en-Provence and Marseille and east of Avignon.

Valensole Plateau
The lavender around Valensole is harvested at the end of July.
In the second half of July you can enjoy the Lavender Festival.
Several lavender farms, as well as distilleries, can be found near Valensol.
Many farms sell their own lavender products, from lavender bouquets and homemade oils to soaps and treats like lavender honey and lavender ice cream.

Many beautiful fields can also be found through the D15 (Route d'Oraison), which passes northeast of Valensole.
There are also lots of beautiful fields on the Route de Valensole, the D6 road between Valensole and the nearby village of Riez.
As well as on the Route de Manosque between Valensole and Manosque.

Lavender fields in Sault
The lavender fields here are at an altitude of around 775 meters, which means that the lavender flowers later and can often be seen until mid-August.
Most of the lavender fields are here north of the Sault.
You can take beautiful pictures on the Route du Ventoux from Sault to Mont Ventoux.
On this road you can find the Lavender farm and Lavender of Champelle.
There are also several fields on the D942 road, here you can visit the Vallon des Lavandes distillery.
To the south of Sault are a few lavender fields, some of which are around the Miellerie du Val de Sault honey farm.

Real Savon de Marseille is made from 100% olive oil and is very gentle on the skin. The original old recipe is only used by a limited number of soap makers and has been waiting for its own AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) l label for years, which protects the origin with a seal of quality.

The soap must contain at least 72% vegetable oil and is “Pure vegetarian”: it contains absolutely no animal fat.
As a stain remover for clothes and textiles, for laundry or to clean something, you can use the white version, nowadays it often contains coconut oil and is biodegradable.
For body care, it is better to choose natural green or beige soap because this soap is rich in olive oil and has a moisturizing effect so that the skin does not dry out.

If you want to be sure that it is a real Marseille soap, buy a soap with the composition and the name of the manufacturer on it. The only 3 remaining artisanal soap producers in the Marseille region have established their own label with a recognizable stamp which is mentioned on the soaps. If it's not there, it's not real Marseille soap.

Fake Marseille soaps are easy to recognize by color. Many tourists fall in love with all these beautiful soaps in different colors. Real Marseille soap is olive green, brown, cream or white/light yellow. Then you know for sure that you have come to the right place and that you have the real Savon de Marseille in your hands, a fine natural soap with many good properties and possibilities.

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