Arrival from 3 p.m.

Arrival from 3 p.m.

Crillon-le-Brave is a protected village, known for its beautiful location, nature and tranquillity. The local hotel is therefore a sanctuary of peace and silence! Tenants agree to respect the tranquility of neighbours and to comply with local police regulations. So avoid nocturnal noise (between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.), but also loud music during the day. The finding of a violation of the above clause may result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement, so that any right to compensation will expire.

A day in advance you will receive a document from us with the necessary information to enter the house. This way there is no waiting for the concierge, no stress involved and you can determine the arrival time yourself (after 3pm). 

Please check the house inventory list and note if there are any inconsistencies between the suggested inventory and what you find. Confirm to us by email if the house inventory is incorrect, no later than 12 noon on Sunday. If we do not receive any news before Sunday 12 pm, we will accept your tacit approval. Any missing or damaged items not listed in the home inventory may be deducted from the deposit.

The deposit of €800 will be refunded to you 1 week after your departure if no irregularity is found.

Insurance & rental liability: The owners of Armajeva have taken out a fire policy for the building without recourse to the tenants. Tenants provide insurance for their personal effects. Mutual waiver is provided. The tenant remains liable for damage to the building and the contents which are not covered by the insurance. He is obliged to compensate for these damages and authorizes the operator to settle these damages with the deposit.

The tenant agrees to comply with the house guidelines and to inform the co-tenants.

Villa Armajeva

Villa Armajeva
Chemin des Sauvies 456
84410 Crillon-le-Brave
+32 496 06 74 59

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