Mont Ventoux (21km) *

Mont Ventoux (21km) *

Holiday home with stunning views of the Mont Ventoux

The Mont Ventoux, with the bare moonscape of the Massif des Cèdres, is the highest point in the Provence region, namely 2000m, the summit of the Mont Ventoux is 1912 meters above sea level. At the top of the mountain, winds of up to 300 km/h have been recorded!
Mont Ventoux has been included several times in renowned cycling races, such as the Tour de France. The southwestern slope of the peak (on the edge of the Bédoin plain) enjoys a pronounced Mediterranean climate at an altitude of around 1000 meters.

On the roof of the Provence!
On foot, on horseback, by bike or even by car, there are many ways to discover this UNESCO heritage.
The forests of the Mont-Ventoux are frequented all year round by cyclists or hikers, sportsmen, scientists, hunters or mushroom pickers...
In winter you can go skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and then enjoy a hot coffee with a pancake at Chalet Reynard or at Mont-Serain.
In summer, you can go mountain biking, hiking or hurtle down the (grass) ski slope in a kart or enjoy a fresh salad and drink on the terrace of Chalet Reynard or Mont-Serein. The latter really has plenty of fun: downhill karts, electric scooters, climbing park, air park, tubing, pony rides & trampoline!

Car racing:
Shortly after the construction of the first paved roads to the top of the mountain, the idea was born to organize competitions for cars.
The classic anti-clockwise route was from Bédoin to the summit, a distance of 21.5 km with a drop of 1589 meters to overcome.
In 1900, three four-wheelers of the De Dion-Bouton type reached the summit in 2.5 hours.
In 1902, a Panhard-Levassor won in 27 minutes 17 seconds.
In 1976 an average speed of 149 km/h was driven.
The finish was at Chalet-Reynard, a distance of 15.4 km, covered in 6 minutes and 11 seconds.
After 1977, no further record attempts were made for safety reasons.
Now sometimes rallies for oldtimers are held, the limits of cars are also tested by going uphill at full speed.

Holiday home near the Mont Ventoux for cycling enthusiasts!

The Mont Ventoux is 21 km from the holiday home and is known for the Tour de France cycling stages, among others.
The ascent from Bédoin is very difficult due to the length of the climb, 21.4 km, the average gradient of 7.5% and the summer temperatures of the Provençal region.
Three ascents are possible: south of Bédoin, north of Malaucene and east of Sault.
The climb was fatal to cyclist Tom Simpson in 1967 due to a combination of amphetamines, alcohol and heat. For three years, Eddy Merckx took off his hat as he walked past the monument erected in memory of Simpson.
In the 2000 Tour de France, the much stronger Lance Armstrong gave the victory on the Ventoux to the Italian climber Marco Pantani.
Mont Ventoux is also regularly on the program for Paris-Nice and the Critérium du Dauphiné.

From our holiday home there are undoubtedly many possible activities in the area. Don't forget to check out our activities page!

Chalet Reynard
Chalet Liotard
Chalet Ventoux Serein
Vendran Restaurant 

Mont Serein
Tom Simpson's Memorial
Station Méteo Mont Ventoux: Check the weather at the top of the Ventoux.
The information is also available via screens in Bédoin, Malaucène and Sault or through the Infoclimat application.

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