House manual

House manual

Interior Guidelines

There is no waste collection, so please sort selectively in the kitchen bin, waste paper bin and glass bin. You can get rid of this waste when you drive away, right in front of the cemetery there is a collective household waste container with a stainless steel stair cover. There are some containers at the tennis court towards supermarket Utile and several containers towards Bédoin on the right side at the beginning of Chemin de Bédoin. Blue is paper, yellow is pmd and green is glass.

The WiFi password (scan the QR code with the mobile phone) in the reception folder and in the cupboard above the microwave. Livebox in the house, Amplifi at the swimming pool.

The electrical fuse panel and alarm are located in the utility room in the shallow cupboard. Hot water is only prepared in the boiler overnight. We have subscribed to the highest possible power: 18 kVA. So please keep this in mind: the main switch fuse can go out when the dishwasher + washing machine + air conditioning or heating is turned on. The main switch fuse is located in the wall of the left bedroom where you can put it back on.

Doors and Keys: The pantry door remains locked with the owner's belongings. To unlock or close the exterior doors, the door handle has to be lifted upwards before you can turn over the key. On arrival you will receive a key for: the front door - the garage door - the bicycle storage door.

Cleaning: On departure, the house must be cleaned up with an empty dishwasher, refrigerator and waste bins. Weekly cleaning is provided every Saturday between 10am and 3pm.  Mme Lecomte (+33 6 14 94 38 70) is the concierge and also responsible for cleaning.

The first aid kit contains, among other things, Cetrizine tablets against allergic reactions due to mosquito or tick bites and sun allergies. There is also a cortizone cream to reduce itching in case of sensitive reactions to insect bites. Please refer to the online package inserts of both before use.

Hot water is automatically prepared in the boiler overnight. We have subscribed to the highest possible power, ie 18 kVA. Please keep this in mind: leaving the dishwasher running together with the oven, washing machine and with the air conditioning or heating system is unfortunately not possible. So do not turn on all the appliances at once.

Air conditioning: Please keep shutters and windows, exterior doors and bedroom doors closed as much as possible for optimal cooling and minimum consumption. During the day, the air conditioning is set at 23 degrees, so the difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature does not exceed 12 degrees (according to the general rule). The air conditioners are set to the ideal temperature for a good night's sleep, namely 21 °C.

Heating: You have electric heaters for the coldest time of the year (October to May). Please turn these heaters off when no heating is required and control their respective thermostats so that no energy is wasted.

The built-in fireplace may only be used by adults who have experience with built-in fireplaces. Only use dry, resin-free wood (old oak or beech) and do not throw waste or old paper into it. Please do not change the position of the draft regulator. NEVER USE THE VACUUM TO REMOVE ASHES (this will destroy the electric motor) but use a metal shovel and bucket instead.

Smoking is not permitted in the house due to the presence of smoke detectors.
Kitchen table and living room: Please do not cut bread and food directly on the wooden tables.
The integrated refrigerator on the left in the pantry cupboard is connected. Please check this when you arrive. Please check the proper functioning of the fridge / freezer in the garage upon your arrival
The oven instructions are in the drawer under the microwave.
Please use the dishwasher tablets which contain salt and rinse aid for perfectly clean dishes. 

To select TV Vlaanderen & Netflix on the smart TV in the living room, press the "home" button.
To adjust the sound strength: press the “volume” keys or press up and down.

Bedrooms: linen is mandatory for rental and the rooms are equipped with:
- Master bedroom: two beds with slatted base and two box springs of 90 x 200
- Right bedroom: two beds with slatted base and two 90 x 200 box springs
- Left bedroom: two beds with slatted base and two 80 x 200 box springs
These 3 bedrooms each have:
Double mattress protector
A double summer duvet set and a winter duvet (220 x 200 cm)
A common double mattress fitted sheet
Double duvet cover
Two pillows with two protective covers and two finishing covers.
Mosquito repellent plug.

Sanitary facilities: do not throw anything into sinks, washbasins, showers and toilets that could clog the drainage system. The costs of unblocking are entirely the responsibility of the tenant and will be settled with the rental guarantee.

The laundry room is equipped with a washing machine, dryer, drying rack and clothes pegs. You can also hang laundry on the washing line at the back of the kitchen. Instructions for using both machines are in the drawer under the microwave. Please clean the vacuum cleaner and dryer filter after each use. The dryer works with a water collection tank. The cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board are in the pantry cupboard. The cushions for the garden chairs are in the cupboard in the laundry room.

Books and board games can be found in the antique suitcase in the hall. In the coffee table you can also find some books about Provence.

Due to the covid-19 crisis, additional measures have been taken to clean Villa Armajeva with antibacterial products.

External Guidelines

To keep the heat out, you can either close the shutters during the day or leave them ajar. The sticker on the windows shows how to fasten both hatches with the espagnolette closure. This way there is no damage if they hit the wall when it suddenly gets windy.

A gas barbecue is available. Please leave this barbecue and its grates clean on departure. Otherwise, €25 will be charged. There is a second bottle of PROPANE gas in reserve (refills are available in Utile in St Pierre de Vassols and cost +/- 34€).

The water purification and cleaning are carried out with fully automatic systems. These systems come into service automatically at different times of the day. You can continue swimming during cleaning cycles. If necessary, you can always use the landing net to pull floating leaves, objects or insects out of the water.

The use of the swimming pool is at the risk and peril of the tenants. In accordance with French law, a safety device is provided, namely a swimming pool alarm which is triggered as soon as the surface of the water moves. This system must always be activated. The pool alarm available must be used correctly by the tenant. The tenant is responsible for all persons without a swimming certificate. Under no circumstances can the owners be held responsible for any accidents.

The pool maintenance is provided by Mr. Erwan Potvin (+33 6 20 16 34 62). You can only contact him in case of an emergency concerning the swimming pool. Maintenance is carried out by an authorized person and the tenant agrees to grant this person access to the property.

The pool and terrace lighting next to the pool can be controlled with a switch in the garage. The outside lighting should only be turned on when it's dark. Please be sure to turn off these lights before going to bed.

The switch for the pool terrace heater, set for 1 hour, can be activated in the garage.

In the garden there is a programmed automatic irrigation system that operates in the early evening. Please do not touch the programming devices that operate the automatic watering system, nor the faucets, unless a serious problem occurs. The maintenance of the garden is organized by Mr. Daniel Olivieri  (+33 6 70 87 72 26). The tenant cannot refuse access to authorized persons for the necessary maintenance of the house and the garden.

Cigarette butts are not thrown into the garden. Additional cleaning costs will be deducted from the rental deposit.
Barbecue is only allowed on the terrace, any other form of fire is prohibited.
Please close the umbrellas in your absence and put away the garden cushions.
Please do not move indoor and outdoor furniture.
Setting up mobile homes, tents, etc. on site or in the driveway is prohibited.

For security reasons, the site is equipped with camera surveillance. The tenants agree with this surveillance.

About 20 beehives are located 200 meters away. These bees sometimes come to drink at the edge of the pool and only sting when they feel threatened. You can see the hives if you take the departmental road in front of n°244 in the street, then the first path on the right and 500 meters further you will see the hives. When a bee stings, the stinger gets caught in the skin and the bee dies. A wasp has a smooth stinger, when it stings, it retracts its stinger and can sting more often.
The Hornet (hornet or horse wasp) is not interested in sweets. It can become hostile if you approach a few meters from its nest.
Use mosquito repellent or repellent if you are susceptible to mosquito bites, especially the striped tiger mosquito that sometimes occurs.
Bites can cause allergic reactions. (First aid kit with Cetrizine or cream with cortisone, read the online prescription first) If necessary, consult the emergency numbers.

Animals are not accepted.

Villa Armajeva

Villa Armajeva
Chemin des Sauvies 456
84410 Crillon-le-Brave
+32 496 06 74 59

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